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Darth Vader

Do you want to be the coolest Storm Trooper on the block? Do you want to gain respect from Kylo Ren? Do you want to improve your shot accuracy? Well you're in luck! This will solve 2 of those 3 problems for you! This custom cigar ashtray is made to embrace Darth Vader with sound and light. The ashtray is created from a speeder engine and base is created from reclaimed wood from Alderaan, reclaimed because Alderaan is no more. Yes, this piece features Darth Vaders breathing sound, so you feel like he is there with you. On top of the ashtray custom engravings of "Galactic Empire" and "Darth Vader" in Aurebesh alphabet. And yes Darth Vader and our Galactic Empire symbol are also engraved on top! The cigar holders and accessory holder are made from fine Osmiridium which was collected from Jedi lightsabers during Order 66, somehow I have a ton of them. These holders are held in place wi magnets and can be rearranged. So get your Darth Vader ashtray today!


Item made from Harley Engine Jug, Poplar wood and copper. Base of Jug has clear epoxy to catch ash and allow light from base to shine through. The base has 8 port holes to allow light through. A HythechToyz Darth Vader breathing sound box is mounted underneath for Darth Vaders breathing sound.

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