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Tortilla Presses

Custom handmade tortilla presses from hard wood stock. These presses measure approximately 11"x10" and each press side is approximately 3/4" thick. Slight differences to dimensions due to the press boards are cut to size and laminated together to make unique designs. The press boards are hinged together with brass hinges and the hardware is brass for a beautiful finish. Custom name and designs available to be engraved into top of press. Tortilla presses are coated with wood wax for easy damp cloth wipe down for cleaning. These presses are fully functional statement pieces. The red and purple press is Padauk and Purple Heart with Maple inlays. The tan and brown press is Maple and Black Walnut. The red inlay on one of brown presses is Padauk. Any combination of these woods is possible. Each press is made to order. Custom Hardwood Tortilla Press With Brass Fittings - Etsy

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