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Fire Hose Coupling Ashtray

Semper Paratus (always ready) Fire Fighter Cigar Ashtray made from solid brass coupling, w/light, clear epoxy. This ashtray was created from a vintage Fire Hose coupling. There is 2 holders with fire fighter insignias etched on them. They are mounted with magnets which are both placed in the ashtray and on the holder. There is a beautiful patina inside the ashtray. The bottom is clear epoxy which has wave design to mimic water. The base is hardwood encased with brass. The base holds the RGB light and shines through the ashtray. The bottom of the base is engraved with the fire fighter insignia. The front of the base says "Semper Paratus" which means Always Ready. Ashtray does not come with cigars shown. Fire Fighter Cigar Ashtray - Etsy

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