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Steampunk Ashtray

Custom created ashtray from small dirt bike engine jug which has been repurposed for Cigars! This item appears to have been found at a metal forgery with accents of melted bronze leaking from the engine head. This item is distressed to make a great age statement with complex metal colors throughout. The center was poured with a clear distressed epoxy to allow the included light base to shine through to give it an impressive ambiance. This item includes 4 cigar holders and an accessory rack which attached with magnets to magnets installed in the base. The head sits on top of the included light and base. The base is wood but is color matched to the ashtray. The light is RGB and comes with remote. This is a perfect gift for those who love steampunk or items from a galaxy far, far away! Custom Steampunk Style Ashtray - Etsy

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