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Scout Trooper (Sold)

From a galaxy far far away..... This cigar ashtray is made from a Aratech Repulsor Company Model 74-Z Speeder Bike engine. The parts were purchased from Jawas on Navarro which story tells the parts were taken from AP-1982's speeder. AP-1982 was a seasoned Scout Trooper stationed on Navarro serving Moff Gideon before being pummeled by IG-11. While Ap-1982 was unconscious, Jawa's sought to strip his speeder for parts.


Item is handcrafted from a repurposed Harley Davidson engine jug. Lower base is made from Poplar wood which was etched with Imperial and Scout trooper logos. There is a light which fits inside and has lighting out the sides and through the center of the ashtray. The base is waxed. The engine jug is engraved with "Scout Trooper" to the left and right in Star Wars alphabet. The lower portion of the top is engraved "Galactic Empire" in Star Wars Alphabet. The engine jug has clear, hand polished epoxy to catch ash and separate the light from the ash. There are 4 copper cigar holders and 1 accessory holder included which attach to the base with magnets which are ported into the jug. 


This is a perfect gift for any Star Wars and cigar enthusiast! 

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