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Scout Trooper Humidor

From a galaxy far far away..... This Humidor is made from a Aratech Repulsor Company Model 74-Z Speeder Bike saddlebag. The parts were purchased from Jawas on Navarro which story tells the parts were taken from AP-1982's speeder. AP-1982 was a seasoned Scout Trooper stationed on Navarro serving Moff Gideon before being pummeled by IG-11. While Ap-1982 was unconscious, Jawa's sought to strip his speeder for parts. The saddlebag has been in service for many years and has seen many battles.


Item is handcrafted from a repurposed Harley Davidson saddlebag. Lower base is made from Mahogany wood with an imperial symbol inlay from Poplar. The base is on a swivel which reveals a cut out for cigar accessories. The saddlebag has scuffs, marks and small cracks on the paint which fits the starwars universe as being an old relic from times past. If buyer wants saddle bag can be polished to a bright new finish but will ruin timeless look.


This is a perfect gift for any Star Wars and cigar enthusiast!

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